Children march against child abuse in Orlando East

On 29 May 2012, about 50 children marched around the streets of Orlando East. The
aim of the match was to deliver the massage around their community to stop child
abuse. The children were from different Day Care Centres, like Nthabiseng, Little
Pinapina and Cynthia Child Day Care Centres.


Seeletso Mamasela, principal at Nthabiseng day care cantre said “These kids need
our support as we are people who spend most of the time with them. We have a lot of
challenges in teaching them because most of them are being abused both emotionally
and physically in their homes.”

She also said that marching through the streets is a way of teaching them to speak out
about their abuse. While marching, the held up banners with slogans such as “Stop
child abuse!”, “We have right to education” and “We have right to be loved.”

Seeletso also spoke against parents who misuse the grant support from government.
She said they are supposed to pay school fees for their children because they have a right to be educated with the grants.

For further information about this initiative, please contact Seeletso Mamasela on 0735633957 from Nthabiseng Day Care Centre.


By Wiseman Nduli


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