Farewell Tracy Fontan

In July, Tracy Fontan who interned with Khulumani Support Group has wound up her
work with the organization..She is from Los Angeles California in United States Of
America where she is a full time student from University of Azusa Pacific.


While at Khulumani, she facilitated various skill development workshops for staff and
members. Before her departure, I sat down to ask her about her experience in South
Africa in relation to the work that Khulumani is doing.

Tracy said that “Reconciliation has not yet been realized as long as there are injustices still affecting selected members
of the population such as Khulumani Support Group members.” She additionally
said “Fighting for reparation still needs to be address by the government of South
Africa.” She is also saddened by the lack of acknowledgement by the government of
the effects of apartheid. She summed this up by saying “South is still a Nation healing
because many people were victims of gross human rights violations. The healing
process still needs to be taken forward.”

We thank you Tracy for your valuable contribution to Khulumani and we wish you the
best in all your future endeavors.

Written By: Frans Mogajana


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