Suffer the Pupils!!

The collapse of the Eastern Cape Education has been due to a number of factors. The Department of Basic Education is the main culprit because it has failed to monitor and account for issues such as text books and teachers. One is left wondering what the role of the school inspectors is if such issues are left unchecked.

The Minister of Basic Education needs to be held accountable; because it is supposed have a monitoring team of school inspectors. These school inspectors are supposed to ensure that schools are adequately catered for. The school text books saga and shortage of teachers in the Eastern Cape are issues that have been well known to all for a long time now.

Students in the province have persistently achieved low pass rates. The lack of text books has exacerbated this. Students have suffered because they have share to text books. Where text books have been delivered, they are in the wrong languages. There have been reports of Sotho books being delivered instead of Xhosa. This lack of text books coupled with a shortage of teachers has resulted in the collapse of education in the province.

Instead of fixing things by giving pupils text books and deploying teachers there is a lot of politicking in the province.  In June 2012, teachers toy toyed to remove the Head in the Department of Education Avocate Modidima Mannya. He eventually resigned and was replaced by Mr Mthunywa Ngonzo. It’s sad that politics have taken centre stage at the cost of education. Pupils have to take the brunt of the inadequacies of the education department.

 By Mzuvukile Sonkosi


One thought on “Suffer the Pupils!!

  1. A bit of editing needed but nonetheless the article raises serious issues. It is sad that our president doesn’t doesn’t give our country’s education issues the attention and urgency it deserves.

    The world bank suggested that one of the key and foundation tools to fixing some of our country’s inequalities is education. However, with the current state of our education, one cannot help but conclude that we (SA) will not bridge any inequalities anytime soon.

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