The state of unemployment in Whittlesea- Eastern Cape

On 2 July 2012 I spoke to various unemployed people and those working as contractors in my community. What struck me most about the profile of the unemployed is that they are over 35 yrs and obviously contributed to the liberation of this country. They are angry and condemn democracy and freedom for making things worse for them as one respondent said “we won freedom, but things are becoming worse than before.”

Most of the people who are unemployed are qualified and have undergraduate degrees and some with masters. Those that worked under sub-contractors are undermined and work under inhumane conditions because they are not registered at with the labour department. They implored the labour department to be more visible in looking out for the plight of workers. Several others also blamed the poor standards of education for the low levels of skills amongst the youth. “The education system is poor and not empowering youth to be equipped mentally and to be skilled” said another respondent.

By Mzuvukile Sonkosi


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