Three children burn to death after their parents fight

A Sowetan couple’s fight has resulted in three children being killed. The two who were renting a room in Zola with their three children started quarreling at around 10:00pm on 20 June 2012. According to a neighbor,  Duduzile Nkosi “the guy told his girlfriend that he was going to burn the room because she kept on dishing food for his young brother who was not stay with them. They argued a lot about that”.

Later on, the father, Vusi Masuku (35), who was suspected to be drunk, took his car and went to the petrol station to buy fuel. Immediately when he came back, he locked the room along with his girlfriend and their three kids. He started spilling petrol all over the room while their kids sleeping. He threw the room keys outside the window, as the fire started. The neighbors noticed that something was amiss when the girlfriend started screaming.

Sipho Jeje, the property owner said, “I heard someone screaming then I rushed outside to see what was happening, I saw the fire all over their room, I couldn’t open the room because it was locked so I had to break the door but it was too late because only the mother and father survived”.

Philani (10) Sanele (7) Mpumelelo (3) all lost their lives in the fire. Their mother and father were admitted to Baragwanath hospital shortly after. Vusi unfortunately lost his life while in hospital.

By Wiseman Nduli


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