The Struggle of Black Community

 In recent months there have been shocking acts of crime in Grahamstown. One that shocked the community most was a rape of a young woman who was beaten so badly she ended up in a coma and died.

How do we celebrate or think about Human Rights Day in a society like this? On the 21 of March 2013 Fingo Festival and Via Kazi Movers, Officially Offside, Wordsuntame got together to speak to the people of Fingo about the rape and the killing that have been going on in the community.

This was done artistically by getting a group artists like Pantsula’s, MCz and B.Boyz dram groups and Poets to speak on the topic of crime that is taking over the streets of Makana  and needs to stop.

The way we see it, the government has a role to make sure that our courts and police system works. But there is a responsibility that we have as a community to ourselves. There is a need for us to be our own agents of change in Black communities. People gave their views and spoke very passionately about their disgust with the violence that is happening in Grahamstown Makana.Image

There is a feeling in the community that is no more leadership that can lead us in a so strong moral and politically relevant vision. There is especially a lack of leadership that has the interests of Black community in their hearts. Our failure to produce leaders within our communities relates to a lot of the problems of how we have lost or given up our agency since the end of the Struggle. Because we can’t raise leaders we find ourselves unable to believe that we can really change our own lives and our own neighborhoods.

A lot has gone wrong in our past oppression, but there is a need to decide what we are going to do with the present. We need to find ourselves and then we help ourselves to rise above this current lack of direction.  


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